Q: Is a Food Safety Program necessary for my business?

A: The Legal requirements for each State and Territory differ although the general rule is if your Centre or Facility provides meals for those deemed to be ‘Vulnerable’ IE The Young or Aged in your care then, yes. It is a legal requirement under the Food Standards Australia New Zealand, Standard 3.3.1, to have a local government accredited Food Safety Program in place.

Q: My business already has a Food Safety Program, are we still at risk of liability?

A: Possibly. Should a Food Safety incident arise, your current Food Safety Program will be subject to scrutiny. However a suitable and well applied Food Safety Program will help your business demonstrate that all due diligence was exercised to prevent a breach of the act.

Q. How much will a ‘CaterSafe’ Food Safety Program for my Business cost?

A: CaterSafe Food Safety Programs offer exceptional value ! for example the all inclusive cost for a ‘Tiny Tot’ program is $1200.00 for ‘Seasons’ our range for Aged Care the price may vary from $1500.00 to $1800.00 our other programs start from $1200.00 to $2800.00 the price points are dependent on the complexity of the program. Note: These costs exclude the cost of the ‘Notice of Written Advice’ or similar ‘Notice’ if it is required by State or local government. Please note this price may vary depending on State and Territory. Please Enquire for other ‘CaterSafe’ Food Safety Programs prices.

Q: If I order a CaterSafe Food Safety program how long will it take to be completed and delivered?

A: Approximately three to four weeks depending on workload.

Q: My Centre is in a Remote Location do you have to visit my facility?

A: No, we can communicate via email and phone.

Q: Our Centre is Located in New South Wales can a CaterSafe Food Safety Program be provided for Centres that are not located in Queensland?

A: Yes we can, Our  CaterSafe Food Safety Programs can be tailored to meet the Legislative requirements of other States or Territories .

Q: OK, sounds good what do I do next?

A: Contact us! You will be sent further details relating to the Food Safety Program that you require and a quoted price, should you accept the quote a ‘Service Proposal’ will then be set up for both parties to sign. The ‘Service Proposal’ will contain the details of exactly what will be provided with your ‘CaterSafe’ Food Safety Program. Once the ‘Service Proposal’ is signed the process can begin.

Q: What are the payment terms?

A: 50% upfront payment on signing of the Service Proposal. Final payment is required once the ‘draft’ document for your centre has been ‘signed off’ by yourself, and prior to the delivery of the completed ‘CaterSafe’ Food Safety Program for your Centre.

Q: I already have some Forms and Records in use, can I use them in my new ‘Tiny Tots’ or ‘Seasons’ Food Safety Program?

A: It is preferred that you adopt the Forms and Records as provided by ‘CaterSafe’ we will of course modify them to suit your application.

Q: We have Residents or Children in our care that have either a Food Allergy or Food Intolerance. Does your ‘Tiny Tots’ or ‘Seasons’ Food Safety Program cover this?

A: Most definitely, we have a dedicated section in our Support Programs to cover Food Allergies.

Q: Can you assist with identifying ‘Allergens’ in our Centres menu and if at all possible a nutritional review of our menu?

A: Yes, this can be arranged with our partner Nourish & Flourish.

Q: Once my new ‘CaterSafe’ Food Safety Program is delivered, are there any other requirements before I submit it to our local Regional Council?

A: Yes, In Queensland your ‘Tiny Tots’ or ‘Seasons’ Food Safety Program will be required to undergo a ‘desktop’ review by a Queensland Health Approved Food Safety Auditor, from which a ‘Notice of Written Advice for Accreditation’ is issued for submission to your local council along with your new Food Safety Program for final accreditation by your local Council. You will also need to comply with all the other requirements of the Food Standards Code as listed in the Council application along with local council related fees.

The requirements for other States and Territories differ it is therefore suggested that you enquire with your local council to ascertain the exact requirements relating to the submission of your new Food Safety program.

Q: If it is required can CaterSafe assist with the ‘Notice of Written Advice for Accreditation’?

A: Yes, of course we can help with that. CaterSafe can put you in contact with an  Approved Food Safety Auditor to undertake this process step on your behalf.

Q:  If required is the ‘Notice of Written Advice for Accreditation’ included in the cost of the ‘CaterSafe’ Food Safety Program?

A. No, The cost is a separate process and will be directly invoiced to you by your preferred provider.

Please note  In Queensland once your Food Safety Program is ‘accredited’ you will be required to undergo an on-premise ‘Food Safety Audit’ by a Queensland Health Approved Food Safety Auditor within six (6) months of the date of accreditation of your Food Safety Program. The ongoing audit frequencies are then set by the local Council. Again this requirement will vary from State to State

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