Tiny Tots

Food safety for kids

Introducing The ‘Tiny Tots’ Food Safety Program

We at CaterSafe understand that your time is valuable and that writing your own program geared around food Safety for preschoolers is a time-consuming exercise. With that in mind, CaterSafe has developed the ‘Tiny Tots’ range of programs that address food safety for children, specifically tailored for the Early Learning Sector.

Our ‘Tiny Tots’ Food Safety Programs are customised to meet your individual needs, they will provide you with a documented pathway to the provision of ‘Safe’ food for the children in your care.

Each ‘Tiny Tots’ Food Safety for preschoolers program will contain a detailed Hazard Analysis and Controls process table, all operational Day to Day Records and a comprehensive suite of Support Programs which are all necessary to meet the requirements of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code including the relevant Food Acts and Regulations for Each State and Territory.

We care deeply about food safety. Find out more about why to choose CaterSafe food safety programs when considering food safety for childern, or have a look at our frequently asked questions to learn more about our approach and our food safety programs.

Contact the CaterSafe Food Safety Program experts to find out more about the Food Safety for preschoolers program or for more information about how we can provide your Pathway to Safe Food.

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